Friday, 29 January 2021

Cozy Boxy Pullover - Finished

With cut on sleeves, the blouse I showed in the last post has a similar shape to the pullover started in Cozy Boxy Structures. In the past, I've always preferred styles with a high sleeve cap that sits right on the shoulder point as they tend to flatter my figure more while this shape is comforting emotionally with its cozy casualness. It's not always about what looks best on our figure type. Sometimes, it's about how we feel in the garment. 

Mine is loosely based on the pattern Sugar On Top. The only things I kept were the stitch pattern and the basic shape. My gauge is different. I used one colour of yarn. And, I widened the body and... 

... shortened the sleeves considerably. Mine are five inches long and the ones in the pattern are fourteen inches long. The width I chose is the width of a similar pullover I already wear and like. It creates...

... more of a curve over the hip that is less horizontal, more diagonal, and definitely more flattering especially if I'm going to eliminate my waistline. Last year, from spring to fall, I went to a local park every morning with my journal and coffee. I want to do that again this year and can see myself wearing this a lot to keep warm on the cooler days. It'll look good with jeans or a skirt or even a dress. 

Another thing I changed from the original is the hem bands. Mine are 3" in the front and 4 1/2" in the back. The pattern was designed with differing front and back lengths but put the extra length in the back yoke area which meant the horizontal stripes of the stitch pattern would not have been at the same height front to back. I wanted them even so I make the back hem band wider instead. The bands aren't stitched together at the side which creates a soft V shape that will - again - be more flattering than a straight line. LOL - I have tried this pullover on and I do like it and I am keeping it. 

If you knit, do you follow the pattern exactly or make changes as you go? What about with sewing?

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - catching up on the unfinished projects I didn't complete in December

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