Wednesday, 27 January 2021

The Cross Over Project - Finished

The control foot for my Bernina is going to take even longer to get here than anticipated so it was either abandon the cross over project or learn how to make buttonholes on my back-up machine and get it finished. I preferred finished. 

The back-up machine is a Pfaff Ambition Essential. When I bought it, I lived in a different city with a Pfaff dealer. Here, there isn't a dealer and I've learned the hard way the importance of having all the feet I regularly use so that when I need the back-up machine, I can actually do the work I want to do. Yesterday, I ordered a perfect 1/4" foot, an open toe free motion foot, an open toe applique foot, and a non-stick foot. Along with the feet I already have, they should cover anything I might want to do. 

There was an excellent video on YouTube for how to use the buttonhole foot and the buttonholes turned out really well. The actual button is inserted into the back of the buttonhole foot and the machine stitches to the exact size needed by measuring the distance and NOT by the number of stitches. Previously, I had a machine that counted stitches and that didn't work with thick fabrics. Although, to be fair, I haven't tried this one on thick fabrics yet either. The blouse is made with rayon fabrics. 

As part of my Christmas present, my friend Caroline gave me a collection of buttons including these white ones with gold insets. They were perfect with the fabric so I got to use them right away. That so rarely happens. 

I used both the polka dot and the striped fabrics for the button band and collar. It was a bit more work but that's okay. The details are worth the work and they make sewing a basic top more fun.  

The stripes show on the inside of the sleeve from the side view and the polka dot trim runs from center front all the way around the hem and up the button band to the inside collar stand and under-collar. 


I'm not sure if I'll ever wear the blouse. When I try it on, I'll see. Quite often after I sew something, I'll put the garment on my dress form and just enjoy the fun of the make and that it is currently "perfect". It may sit there for days or weeks and then, once I try it on, I'll either love it and/or notice things to change for next time or hate it and never make it again. In this case, I sewed this garment to start the new year with a style I don't normally wear, to test the style and the pattern, and to have fun mixing up fabrics. From that perspective, it's a win-win. 

Do you enjoy mixing up fabrics?
When's the last time you tested a new style and what did you think?

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a good buttonhole on the back-up Pfaff

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