Wednesday, 17 February 2021

The Heart Pants

The heart pants! Finally done! I wore them on Saturday and had a friend take these pictures in front of her condo. You can just see the metal, cookie-cutter-ish hearts behind me leaning against the wall. Two of her artistic forms are how she dresses and how she decorates. I love checking out what she's wearing when we get together and how the d├ęcor has shifted whenever I'm at her house. 

The grey charcoal sweater is the adapted version of Sugar on Top that I wrote about in another post. The pants are a copy of a RTW pair by the brand Oska. I've copied several of their garments and love the lines. 

Five years ago, my sock caught on a nail at the top of the stairs in the house I was renovating and I pitched forward into the stairwell. Luckily, the sock held and I didn't fly to the bottom. Instead, I crashed down heavily against the stair noses with the greatest impact on my right hip and then I rolled to the bottom. There is some permanent damage but it's minor compared to dead, brain damaged, or paralyzed.

My right hip is almost two inches bigger than my left, lower, and the curve is different. It really shows up on straight or wide leg pants where I have to do a lot of extra work to get the hems even. Luckily, this fuller style is one of my favourites. In this case, the arrangement is all wrong for my figure type with dark on top and light on the bottom and oh well! They are fun.

This back view shows the shape of the pullover as well as the detail highlighting the pant seams - a narrow flange. A friend showed me how to sew flanges evenly a few years ago and I'd be happy to share that technique if anyone is interested. 

I wore these on Saturday while shopping and an older gentleman who was walking toward me looked me up and down and then straight in the face with this confused, what the heck is that woman wearing, look on his face. Obviously - LOL - he has no sense of humour! 

I had an incident on Thursday - my counsellor/coach "fired" me and won't tell me why - that in my opinion totally justified some retail therapy so I not only took advantage of the on-line pattern sale to pick up some BMV patterns but also the 14% off your total order sale at Fabricland. Another friend and I met, shopped, and had lunch together only to discover it was Galentine's Day - the day you celebrate with girlfriends. Who knew. What a great idea. All of these fabrics were already 70% off with an additional 14% off at the till. YES YES!

The top fabric is a Melton cloth remnant, not enough to make a single garment but plenty to combine with another fabric. The next one is leather-like and will be good for making purse handles. The grey waffle weave is for a nightgown but maybe not. I think I'd like a nightgown but I always wear pajama pants so I'm debating the change. The faintly striped, cream cotton at the bottom is for something. I just don't know what yet. AND...

...the paisley is a rayon-polyester blend that would flow nicely as a dress. I like how simple and feminine Kwik Sew 4259 is and since both sides of the fabric are pretty, the low back of view A would work out well. I think the hemline is more flattering on the leg than a straight line (see view B) but am I wrong. Is it just out of style?

When I got off the phone from the hurtful and unproductive call with my counselor/coach, I tried to go back to knitting the cables on the cardigan I had started and they absolutely refused to work. I tried several times, ripped it out several times, and finally put it aside and started something new and... 

... super easy. I've knit Groovy before. It's a combination of knit and purl stitches with alternating stockinette sections. Again, I wanted to use remnants and chose a combination of charcoal grey and a tweedish looking yarn. I'm about to run out of the grey and need to come up with another solution because there's quite a bit more knitting to go. I noticed on the Ravelry page that others have used a stripe of another colour. That's what I was thinking so I'll check those out closer and decide. I may need - VBG - a trip to the yarn store. 

OH... and I did a bit of sifting and sorting in my stash and sent all my bra-making supplies to a friend since I haven't sewn one in over ten years and can easily buy them in my size while she makes all of hers. That opened up room for the fabric I bought so I am - sort of - not behind on that goal of downsizing the stash. Holding even or maybe even down a teeny bit. 

What does retail therapy look like for you?

Talk soon - Myrna

- Galentine's Day with a supportive friend and dinner with my sons

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