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Saturday, 8 January 2022

About That Wix Blog - Please Comment

SO.... I may not be able to keep my promise about the move to the new blog being the last move without driving us all crazy. I just wrote a post about my new jewelry station and scheduled it for tomorrow on the Wix blog and then...

... I found out that in order for readers to comment and share the posts, they would need to become community members and use the log in/sign up link. That bothers me. I know that when I want to comment on a blog that requires that process, I click away and that's not what I want here. Nor should it to be extra difficult for me to respond to your comments or for anyone else to join the conversation. Generally speaking, I like to turn the key and the car goes without figuring out how the "engine" works. 

SO, to save my/our sanity, and hopefully without annoying anyone, are you okay with me changing my mind - again - and continuing here? Behind the scenes, saved in the archives, are the majority of my posts back to 2012 which I will attempt to merge into this blog now that I've decided not to change the name. That is something that for sure wouldn't be possible with the Wix blog. And maybe not here. But I will try. 

I find it hard to believe that a newer platform like Wix would not be as versatile as an older one like Blogger but then again, maybe they are. I'm just not that technical which is why I hired someone to make sure the subscribe portion of the Wix blog worked correctly and this is what he told me.

Please let me know what you think. 

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - it's okay to change your mind


  1. As long as you keep blogging, Myrna,I don't think people will mind your platform. But, I know that one of the main reasons you wanted to change to Wix was to list your products. You might want to consider creating a separate Products page and using either e-transfer, Shopify or Paypal to receive your payments. On the whole, I'm just happy that you're back in the creative blogosphere.

    1. Thanks Helene. My primary goal is to enjoy writing and illustrating the blog and to do my best with that. I'm thinking glossy-good and looking forward to evolving it forward. It seems to have been a good time to return. Surprisingly, I've blogged off and on for around twenty years and it's different now, harder to connect and to share creative conversation however, that's my second goal. And then, if and when with sales, e-transfer is being used more commonly and that works well for me. I have decided to focus on fun and let the rest unfold.

  2. I follow you on the bloglovn app and wasn't able to find your new blog there. I downloaded feebly and can't find you at all there. I like all my blog favourites in one easy to read app so at the moment not changing your blog suits me best although I will google your blog if that's the only way to read you.

    1. Good to know. I want subscribing and commenting to be doable and easy. While I appreciate you'd search for me, I am going to stay here and work at doing my best going forward.