Saturday, 6 February 2021

The Week of Getting Nothing Done

This past week has been one of those funny ones where I'm super busy and still feel like I've gotten nothing done. Several friends seemed to be having the same week and we concluded that although we had actually accomplished a lot, it felt like nothing because we hadn't gone to our studios and stitched something. 

For me, time in the studio is how I breath and how I refuel my energy reserves. This week, they were depleted by endless little things and worse, by things that didn't happen. Like Friday, when I wanted to paint the last remaining wall on my main floor only to realize while prepping it that the hairline crack beside the fireplace had returned and I couldn't paint until after the drywaller came... again! I did paint the baseboards but that wasn't enough. It wasn't the whole job. The list is getting shorter but the thrill of the renovations has long past and I just want it done, everyone out of my house, and to be left alone in my creativity.  

Part of my daily routine is what I call the morning hour. I get up, drink a cup of coffee on the couch in my living room, and then spend (intend to spend) an hour in my studio sewing for me. This week, because I'd started another remnant scarf and wanted it finished, I knit instead and that wasn't a good choice. While knitting is a creative outlet, it is not the one that nurtures me. I need to sew and that hour needs to be in the studio, in front of the machine, making for me or I'm crabby. SO...

... today, I went to the studio. I cut out a tank top from a beautiful charcoal grey knit and so far have the shoulder seams together, the neck and armbands stitched on, and I'm ready to fold over the bands and stitch in the ditch to attach them to the neck and armhole edges. The hems are fused and pressed up and once the center back and side seams are stitched, it'll be quick to finish... and I'll feel like I've finally accomplished something. 

The pants above have been cut up and the pieces put into my remnant collection.  They were made from a lightweight denim that frayed along the seam lines. It wasn't a good choice only it's the fabric I was willing to use to test the pattern I'd traced from a pair of RTW Oska pants. The pattern worked out great. The style is one of my favourites and I am using it for the heart pants I'll be posting soon. 

I aim to post twice a week on Wednesday and Friday mornings. As you can tell, that didn't happen this week. I hope it's better late than never. 

What do you need to do each day/week or you feel like nothing got done? What nurtures you?

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a morning sewing for me

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