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Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Everything About It But The Way It Looks

Several weeks ago, I posted an image of this RTW jumper that I planned to copy... with a few changes... and now, it's done. The fabric is a stretch woven with a black background and blue print. It's been in  stash for quite a while as it's a tricky fabric with significant stretch going lengthwise as opposed to cross wise. Luckily, the jumper has both center front and center back seams so I could cut the pieces with the stretch going around. 

I widened the shoulders and changed the neckline to a V instead of the square of the original. I find it's a more flattering shape on me and less farm girl in overalls looking. 

Here's a close-up of the two necklines. With the copy, I stabilized the shape with fusible interfacing and then wrapped the edge with lengthwise strips of the fashion fabric held in place with stitch in the ditch. 

The entire neckline is ever so slightly lower than the one on my t-shirt pattern so that the jumper will completely cover the t-shirt with only the sleeves visible. 

On both garments, my favourite part is this deep armhole. When I copied the pattern from the original, the front and back are identical except for the depth of the neckline. The pull toward the front is caused by the bust line. 


On the original, the end of the godet was hemmed and left open. On mine, I sewed around the corner and down to the hemline creating a belled shape. 

The original godet drapes more at the side while mine folds because of the point.  As I was sewing, I realized this garment was very similar to some other patterns I have. In fact, it's so similar that I probably should have just started with one of those and changed the details instead of copying this one. Luckily. it was only two pieces - the godet and the front/back - so copying didn't take too long. In the end, I left the pocket off. 

I'm glad I made it. It was one of those smooth sews where you can pat and stroke your work and just enjoy how it's coming together. I've been wanting to use the fabric for quite a while but didn't have the right project until now. This is good. I like everything about the jumper but the way it looks on me or maybe it's the way it feels on me - too prissy and buttoned up - and at the same time too loose in the waist. It makes me look less curvy and more tent-like. I'm letting it sit while I decide if I'll try wearing it, give it away, or cut it up to make something else. I still really like the fabric. 

My youngest son is away this week so my grandpuppy - Astrix - is staying with me. She has decided that her favourite places in the studio are under the sewing machine and in front of the ironing board. She's a rescue dog and he has only had her since the end of September so she's still quite timid. I thought she might be afraid of the machine but apparently not. This is good. I spend a lot of time in the studio. 

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - this is my favourite time of year with plenty of studio time. I'm enjoying it. 

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